This page is all about life from the view of a random housewife living an extraordinary life. What makes my life extraordinary? I am a normal girl but have had my share of events in my life to shape and mold me into who I am today. I am a passionate person with the desire to share love with those around me. I deal with a rare chronic illness daily, this gives me a unique view on life. I am also a self proclaimed foodie, all those that know me know that I enjoy quality ingredients with vivid yet clean presentation in food.   My blog is unique like me in nature. You will see included in this blog all that follow: food and restaurant reviews, poems, musings on life, life with a chronic disease, infertility and much more!  Life takes so many unexpected twists and turns this is what this blog takes inspiration from.

Why am I a foodie?  I have a unique gift of a heightened sense of taste and smell. This is truly a gift, it allows me to explore the world of food in a profound way. I have studied cooking in the French techniques, I hope my reviews will inspire others to see and taste the world in a different way. Take it all in, the wonder of food is all around.    

You will also notice I have dog pictures on this site, all these fury babies are my little loves. Dogs represent a part of my existence that can not be ignored. I have lost my career due to illness so this blog is my new career. I pray that my writing will  bring joy to all those touched by it. I have lost and experienced great love in my life this allows me to be full of passion. I hope this passion spills over and shares itself with you my dear readers.   

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you so much ☺️ I’m absolutely so glad you follow me, I still get so shy sometimes before I press the publish button it helps to know someone out there appreciates my writing. I really look forward to reading your work and getting to know you through blogging.

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      1. I know what you mean I still get that way too before I press the publish button lol. I love writing it’s a release for me having a chronic disability and not being able to work as well raising my kids helped but now their older so this gives me a release . I love your blog I read a few posts and loved them want to read more but I was getting tired so tomorrow I defiantly will . Keep writing. And yes I look forward to knowing you through blogging as well. 🙂

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